Gireesh V Achalkar, Nirmita Gummadi
2013 Journal of Evolution of Medical and Dental Sciences  
HOW TO CITE THIS ARTICLE: Gireesh V Achalkar, Nirmita Gummadi. "Incidence of hypothyroidism in women of reproductive age group in Raichur, Karnataka -a study based on thyroid hormone profiling". ABSTRACT: In order to study the incidence of hypothyroidism in women of reproductive age in Raichur, the data of women who were referred to Tunge Diagnostic Centre in Raichur was collected and the levels of T4 and TSH hormones recorded. The incidence in non pregnant women is 9.29% and in the case of
more » ... nant women, the incidence is reported as 7.89%. Overall, an incidence of 11.97% has been found, indicating the high incidence of hypothyroidism in women of this region. INTRODUCTION: Thyroid disorders are one of the most commonly encountered endocrine disorders in India, and the effect it has on the women of reproductive age is noteworthy. One of the most common thyroid disorders in women of that age group is hypothyroidism, which leads to the clinical manifestations such as delay in sexual maturation and onset of puberty, reduced fertility 5 , impaired mental functions, heart disorders, atherosclerosis, pleural effusion, reduced appetite, anaemia, constipation, delayed muscle contraction and relaxation, decreased renal blood flow, etc. In pregnant women, hypothyroidism leads to abortion, premature delivery 1,2 , still birth 1,2,3 , congenital anomalies in the babies 1,4,5 , etc. Thus, keeping in view the adverse effects of hypothyroidism among the general population, in particular among the women of reproductive age group, as well as the demographic and food habits of individuals in a non-coastal region like Raichur and the effects it may have on the prevalence of hypothyroidism, the above mentioned title has been chosen for study. Keeping in mind the socioeconomic status of the general public in mind, the following study model has been implemented, wherein the patients, who were referred by a doctor, for a thyroid study were included in the study group, and whose reports were then considered to evaluate the study and report. Specifically, as it is well known that maternal thyroid status and treatment improves foetal outcomes and neuropsychological development of the newborn, knowledge about the incidence of hypothyroidism and its clinical correlation in a place like Raichur, would be helpful for further necessary health implementations. OBJECTIVES: The objective of the study is to: 1. Assess the prevalence and impact of hypothyroidism in women of age group 15-45 years, in Raichur, by obtaining the percentage of women in the mentioned age group suffering from hypothyroidism. 2. Determine the prevalence of hypothyroidism in pregnant women in Raichur. 3. Determine the prevalence of hypothyroidism in non-pregnant women in Raichur (which includes both married and unmarried women in mentioned age group).
doi:10.14260/jemds/1422 fatcat:6xoxkigiirgs5gnpsbn55rm2cm