Modeling the effect of the stress demagnetization phenomenon on the magnetic properties in a no Fe-Si 3% sheet

Malika Yakhlef, Sebti Boukhtache, Mabrouk Chabane
2015 Serbian Journal of Electrical Engineering  
The aim of this paper is the modeling of the stress demagnetization effect on the magnetic properties in a non-oriented Fe-Si 3% sheet under different external stresses. The magneto-mechanical model used for magnetic hysteresis is based on a model originally formulated by Sablik-Jiles-Atherthon (S.J.A.). This latter has been modified by including both the stress demagnetization factor and the eddy current effects. The influence of the stress demagnetization term SDT on the magnetostrictive
more » ... gnetostrictive behavior of the material is also modeled. The proposed model has been validated by extensive simulations at different stresses, namely compressive and tensile stresses. Simulation results obtained by this model are very close to those published in the literature. Using the proposed model, very satisfactory performance has been achieved. 238 a -Effective field scaling constant [A/m]; k -Average density of the pinning sites [A/m]
doi:10.2298/sjee1502237y fatcat:x566vfqzyfbexhqogeewdzzc4u