8916 [report]

Mathematisches Forschungsinstitut Oberwolfach
Vortrags aUBZn ge R. E. BARNHILL Geometry Processing and Surfaces on Surfaces Geometry processing is the calculation of geometrie properties of already constructed curves and surfaces. We present two geometry processing topies: Surface-surface intersectlons and curvature analysis. We compare our marehing algorithm for surface -surface interseetion with a dlvlde and conquer algorithm. Our curvature analysis concludes that three surface curvatures, Gaussian curvature, mean curvature and absolute
more » ... urvature, are • useful for surface interrogation. Our surfaces deflned on surfacespresentatlon includes a comparison of tbe distant-weighted method of Druce Piper wlth the curved triangular interpolant of Henry Ou. Eaeh of tbe above topics Is illustrated by color computer graphics. C. M. HOFFMANN Surface Operations in Higber Dimensions Operations such a5 offsets, Voronoi surfaces, and variable radius blending surfaces seem to require approximation or expensive symbolic computation.
doi:10.14760/tb-1989-17 fatcat:tx3ygqax45ejbhq4vuyy3cf5va