Atemubungen mit Kindern

1955 Archives of Disease in Childhood  
Atemubungen mit Kindern. By I. MULLER-GIES and CHR. LICHTENBERG; Foreword by B. de Rudder. (Pp. 32; 25 illustrations. DM. 3.90.) Stuttgart: Georg Thieme Verlag. 1955. This booklet is apparently one of three, the others being on foot and postural exercises. The emphasis is on rhythmical movements. Whilst avoiding discussion of the condition in front of the children, the teacher sees that the movements are carried out correctly each day. It would appear that asthma and many other chest conditions
more » ... are treated in the same way. The children are exercised for 15 minutes and then given a rest period, lying flat and quiet. The booklet is divided into sections describing exercises while lying, sitting, etc., but does not apparently give any indication of whether the exercises are taken in series or whether exercises are started lying down and then progress to sitting. On the whole the instructions are not as good as those issued by the leading British hospitals, and the standard and type of rhythmical exercises are below those taught by educational gymnasts in this country. However, there are a few interesting variations on exercises used in England and it is worth studying these.
doi:10.1136/adc.30.152.398 fatcat:3u7zpkdfgfdippxbeaeamldcce