An interview with poet Prabal Kumar Basu

Sreetanwi Chakraborty
2019 Litinfinite Journal  
This is an interview with poet Prabal Kumr Basu who is a modern poet, having eighteen poetry books to his credit. He has carved out a definite name in the field of modern Bengali poetry and also has a book of verse drama to his credit. He has received notable accolades and prizes as part of his writing experience, and in this interview, he talks about his childhood, the most important and influential poets whose poetic imprints have inspired him. Moreover, he talks about world poetry as a part
more » ... d poetry as a part of this interview and also carries a very detailed analysis of the present condition of translation studies in the world. The interviewer also asks him as a part of his world tours for official work and also for poetry sessions. He recollects all the moments of poetic enrichment that have helped him in becoming a creatively affluent individual, and a worshipper of poetry. রময়মছ। যসই পভরভিভতমত এই যেোগুমো আভে অমেক ভেে ধমরই ভেেভছোে, ভবভিন্ন জায়গায় যবমরাভিমো, যকাথাও যকাথাও বক্ত ৃ তাও ভেভিোে, যসগুমো একভত্রত করা হমো, "its more a documentation than anything else, which is likely to help future researchers।" শ্রীতন্বী চক্রবততীঃ আপোর কাভবেক অেু মপ্ররণার ভবষময় আোমের ভকছু বেু ে।সাভহতে জগমতর েক্ষত্ররা, যেেে যেবকুোর বসু , িভক্ত চমটাপাধোয় এবং সু েীে গমগাপাধোয় আপোমক ভক যকামোিামব প্রিাভবত অথবা অেু প্রাভণত কমরভছমেে? প্রবাে কুোর বসু ীঃ Poetic inspiration comes from within, it has nothing to deal with anyone else। But, the very fact that I started writing poetry was due to an incident,
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