Some properties of kefir enriched with apple and lemon fiber

Busra Goncu
2017 Mljekarstvo  
The effects of apple and lemon fiber addition on some properties of kefir were investigated. Five different kefirs were produced (A is control, B, C, D, E, F and G: contain 0.25 % apple fiber, 0.5 % apple fiber, 1 % apple fiber, 0.25 % lemon fiber, 0.5 % lemon fiber and 1 % lemon fiber, respectively) and stored for 20 days at 4±1 °C. pH, titratable acidity, dry matter, water activity, water holding capacity, viscosity, L, a and b values, sensorial analysis, total lactic bacteria, Lactococcus
more » ... ria, Lactococcus spp., Leuconostoc spp. and yeast counts of kefirs were determined at 1 st , 10 th and 20 th days of storage. The addition of apple and lemon fiber enhanced rheological, microbiological and sensorial properties of kefirs (p<0.01). Apple and lemon fiber could be used for kefir production at a rate of 0.25 or 0.5 %.
doi:10.15567/mljekarstvo.2017.0305 fatcat:yxjzvic3rrgbxpibdpbwz3avl4