Ultrasonography of the testis--correlation with radiotracer perfusion

M A Winston, S J Handler, J H Pritchard
1978 Journal of Nuclear Medicine  
Ultrasonic study of testicular disease and paratesticular masses was carried out in 20 cases. In eight of these, comparison was made with pertechnetate perfusion studies performed concurrently. Testicular torsion was well revealed by both techniques. Acute orchitis, in the early stages, was shown more clearly by radiotracer, unless there was associated epididymal swelling or hydrocele. Chronic complications of inflammation, particularly abscess formation, were seen best by ultrasonography.
more » ... esticular masses could be studied only by ultrasound. These included both solid and cystic masses due to chronic epididymitis.
pmid:660274 fatcat:6s3q3pvc2zcsdlsrlt6la2snbu