Larysa Obolentseva, Nataliya Bogdan, Valeriia Devon
2020 Komunalʹne Gospodarstvo Mìst  
This article analyses the Global and Ukrainian hotel industry development statistics and in particular, camping in 2020. In order to find ways to improve the competitiveness of Ukrainian campsites we look at statistics about travel and tourism impact of COVID-19. The hotel services sector remains today one of the most dynamically developed sectors of the Ukrainian economy. In recent years, the hotel market in Ukraine is gradually recovering after a sharp drop in 2014. Against this background,
more » ... re and more investors are planning to buy a ready-made hotel business such as campsites. It is established that the development of the hotel industry is facilitated by the opening of low-cost airlines, which leads to an increase of foreign tourists number. However, according to the forecasts of the World travel and tourism council, the share of tourism in Ukraini-an GDP by 2028 will increase to only 1.7%, and the number of foreigners visiting Ukraine in a year will increase to 21 million from the current 15 in 2028 (the share of tourists among them less, since statistics take into account transit travelers), which indicates the low attractiveness of Ukraine as a tourist destination. The low pace of de-velopment of the industry is due to COVID-19 in the beginning of 2020 and the absence in Ukraine of legislation favorable for the development of the tourist industry and the necessary infrastructure, and the lack of quality ho-tels and campsites. Therefore, despite the increase in inbound tourist flow, Ukrainians themselves have been and remain the main guests of Ukrainian hotels and campsites, and the volume of domestic tourism continues to grow rapidly, especially in the south of the country. It is proved that hotel services markets of various levels including campsites represent an excellent opportunity for hotel operators to confidently enter the Ukrainian market and pursue a policy of expanding their influence in the industry. The dynamics of their development depends on how effectively the hospitality industry representatives will carry out the analysis of the market situation, which will also depend on the composition of participants in the Ukrainian hospitality industry market. The article analyzes Global and Ukrainian markets key camping statistics for 2020, identifies and explores key trends in the camping industry by demographics, best destinations, equipment, types of camping, customer behavior and reasoning, the latest technologies and other indicators. Introducing professionals and experts with the results of the article will contribute to positive changes in the Ukrainian camping market, which will increase the number of investors interested in doing camping business in Ukraine. Ukraine has a huge potential for the development of camping tourism, and the article should be the first step to increase interest in the development of this type of hotel business and prosperity in this niche. Stabilization of the situation with coronovirus throughout the world, as well as in Ukraine, improving the political situation and improving economic indicators, technological progress development and following global trends in the development of the hospitality industry, investment growth in the tourism sector and the reanimation of recreational, protected and natural sites in Ukraine will lead to successful development of campsites in our country. Keywords: camping competitiveness, camping statistics 2020, tourism statistics, hospitality market statistics.
doi:10.33042/2522-1809-2020-5-158-10-23 fatcat:3fro2tovlnbmfjsyg5hwr4esdq