A nanomachined tunable oscillator controlled by electrostatic and optical force

J. G. Huang, B. Dong, H. Cai, Y. D. Gu, J. H. Wu, T. N. Chen, Z. C. Yang, Y. F. Jin, Y. L. Hao, D. L. Kwong, A. Q. Liu
2015 2015 28th IEEE International Conference on Micro Electro Mechanical Systems (MEMS)  
This paper reports a miniaturized electrostatically tunable optomechanical oscillator, whose frequencies can be electrostatically tuned by as much as 10%. By taking advantage of the optical and the electrical spring, the oscillator achieves a high tuning sensitivity without resorting to mechanical tension. Particularly, the high-Q optical cavity greatly enhances the system sensitivity, making it extremely sensitive to the motional signal, which is often overwhelmed by spurious coupling or
more » ... s coupling or background noise in conventional oscillators.
doi:10.1109/memsys.2015.7050882 fatcat:kvxia6ozzvbrfd5vqyikf4dkou