Supernova Remnants in Giant HII Regions

You-Hua Chu, Robert C. Kennicutt
1988 International Astronomical Union Colloquium  
Giant HII regions contain large numbers of massive stars, and hence are expected to contain large numbers of SNRs. Until recently, however, only a few SNRs have been identified in extragalactic giant HII regions. Moreover, most of these SNRs are located at the outskirts of HII regions, instead of the core where most of the stars are located. The low detection rate and the outlying locations of the SNRs may be due to: 1) observational difficulties - the background HII regions are much more
more » ... us than the SNRs in both optical line emission and radio continuum; 2) intrinsic invisibility of SNRs - stellar wind and SNRs may have created a supershell (Mac Low and McCray 1987), and the core of a giant HII region is filled with hot tenuous coronal gas; or 3) a genuine deficiency of supernovae and SNRs in the HII regions (Sramek and Weedman 1986).
doi:10.1017/s0252921100102374 fatcat:wklbqx5xc5d63lodinajzxuyz4