Stress, coping and mental control [article]

Jeremy Robert Dugdale
The purpose of this thesis was to develop a better understanding of the ways in which elite athletes cope with stress and h o w mental control strategies such as thought stopping can influence performance. Four studies were conducted. Study O n e examined the relationship between coping effectiveness and elite athlete performance. N e w Zealand athletes participating at the 1998 Commonwealth G a m e s were sent questionnaires three weeks before and immediately after the Games. Results revealed
more » ... hat athletes employed a variety of strategies to help them cope with their most stressful experience. Stressor expectedness, however, was not related to coping strategy use or performance and coping evaluations. Significant differences were also observed in the
doi:10.26182/5d4d1d4962eff fatcat:grihsa4wv5cqfouyqb7w7i3o7q