Information aspect of investigative activities

V. D. Korma
2021 Courier of the Kutafin Moscow State Law University  
The detailed improvement of the proof process is related to the theoretical understanding of the complex relationships between the occurrence of information about crimes, the tactics of obtaining them, and the procedural nature of judicial evidence. In recent years, forensic information and its types have increasingly become the subject of research in the field of criminal procedure, criminology and operational investigative activities. Analysis of their content shows that there are General
more » ... ere are General methodological problems in defining the concept and understanding the essence of forensic information, its types as a means of fighting crime. To date, there is no clear understanding of the concepts of "forensic information" or "criminally significant information", "evidentiary information", "investigative information", "operational-search information", "orientation information" in criminal proceedings, criminalistics and the theory of operational-search activity. The technological features of information processes that are the basis of cognitive activity aimed at solving crimes are not sufficiently covered. The diversity of approaches or their absence in the understanding of these categories negatively affects both research and practical activities to identify, solve and investigate crimes. In this perspective, the specified definition is considered comprehensively.
doi:10.17803/2311-5998.2021.78.2.027-036 fatcat:p5q7456wxfa3tftq34d7pg6bwy