Development of an Indirectly Cooled Superconductor for the LHD Fusion Reactor FFHR

Kazuya TAKAHATA, Hitoshi TAMURA, Toshiyuki MITO, Shinsaku IMAGAWA, Akio SAGARA
2014 Plasma and Fusion Research  
A 100-kA indirectly cooled superconductor has been designed and optimized for the heliotron fusion power reactor FFHR. A doubly transposed Rutherford cable composed of 216 Nb 3 Sn superconducting wires is embedded in an aluminum-alloy jacket with a high filling factor. Additional high purity aluminum strips around the cable reduce the hotspot temperature to 150 K. The final design has a rectangular cross section that is 100 mm wide and 25 mm high, which will achieve an operating current of 100
more » ... ing current of 100 kA at a current density of 40 A/mm 2 . A prototype of the conductor was developed to demonstrate the fabrication process. The prototype has the same configuration as the design, except that the aluminum strips are eliminated.
doi:10.1585/pfr.9.3405034 fatcat:a3f52jcn5jaljdkqeofp25nrfa