Mining Web Logs to Identify Search Engine Behaviour at Websites

Jeeva Jose, P Lal
2013 Informatica   unpublished
Web Usage Mining also known as Web Log Mining is the extraction of user behaviour from web log data. The log files also provide immense information about the search engine traffic at a website. This search engine traffic is helpful to analyse the ethics of search engines, quality of the crawlers, periodicity of the visits and also the server load. Search engine crawlers are automated programs which periodically visit a website to update information. Crawlers are the main components of a search
more » ... ngine and without them the websites will not be listed in the search results. The visibility of the web sites depends on the quality of the crawlers. Different search engines may have different behaviour at web sites. We intend to see the differences in behaviour of search engines in terms of the number of visits and the number of pages crawled. The hypothesis was tested and it was found that there is a significant difference in the behaviour of search engines. Povzetek: Analizirano je obnašanje različnih spletnih iskalnih algoritmov.