Acquisition and Analysis of Electrocardiogram Waveforms with Diagnosis Transmission through Short Message Service Communication System

B. Yu Jeco, R. Doma, M. Morales, E. Tarroza, M. Villaflores, A. dela Cruz, E. Guevara, R. Vicerra, M. Asilo
2016 The International Conference on Electrical Engineering  
In this study, we integrated the electrocardiogram waveform acquisition, analysis and diagnosis transmission into a single monitoring system. The electrocardiogram monitoring system is divided into 3 stages, namely the data acquisition stage, the decision making stage and the alerting system stage. We used a low-pass Butterworth filter in the data acquisition stage for removing the artifacts that introduce noise to the electrocardiogram waveform after the analog-to-digital conversion. In the
more » ... nversion. In the decisionmaking stage, we implemented the zero crossing algorithm for measuring the different segments of the electrocardiogram waveform. And in the alerting system stage, the diagnosis was transmitted to a mobile phone capable of recognizing attention commands via short messaging system. In this study, the integration of the electrocardiogram waveforms acquisition, analysis and diagnosis transmission into a single monitoring system has been successfully implemented. This monitoring system has demonstrated the capability to measure and detect heart rate and heart rhythm respectively. In a bigger picture, an individual can implement this improvised monitoring system using a personal computer interfaced with a mobile phone.
doi:10.21608/iceeng.2016.30258 fatcat:oi47vqshnvav3ok574tyqxm4ku