A Secure Framework to Authenticate Remotely Digital Documents based on The TLS Protocol

Juan López Pimentel, Rodolfo Ibarra Orozco, Victor Ramos, Fon Bon, Raúl Monroy
Every day digital resources protection is an appealing research area because the amount of e-documents transmitted over non-secure channels such as the Internet has increased considerably. So, secure mechanisms must be implemented to identify illegal copies of crucial information. Many researchers have proposed solutions based on controlled environments applying asymmetric cryptography. Other researchers have applied some techniques such as steganogra-phy, cryptography and security protocols to
more » ... curity protocols to deal with uncontrolled environment. This paper presents a secure framework to sign and authenticate remotely digital documents focused on uncontrolled environment. The framework is compound by various security protocols used to ensure authentication and confidentiality in each of the services. Each of protocols has been formally verified using The AVISPA tool and we found that they provide strong authentication and privacy security properties. In addition, the framework has also been adapted to work with TLS and SSL protocols because they are the standard in e-commerce.