Lee-Yang circle analysis of e + e − and $p\overline{p}$ generalized multiplicity distribution

A. Dewanto, A. H. Chan, C. H. Oh, R. Chen, K. Sitaram
2008 European Physical Journal C: Particles and Fields  
We study the evolution of Lee-Yang zeros structure of generalized multiplicity distribution (GMD) in high energy collision. Starting our study with electron-positron e + e − scattering data, we extend the study by Chan and Chew (Z. Phys. C 55:503, 1992) on TASSO and AMY multiplicity data for √ s = 14, 22, 34.8, 43.6 and 57 GeV to the ones from DELPHI and OPAL Collaboration for √ s = 91, 133, 161, 172, 183 and 189 GeV. We compare the results with the Lee-Yang structure for proton-antiproton pp
more » ... √ s = 200, 546 and 900 GeV from UA5 Collaboration. Our preliminary result shows that there is indeed a change in the shape and size of the Lee-Yang zeros with increasing energy, accompanied by the development of the so-called "ear"-like structure in the Lee-Yang plot. We expect that the development of this "ear"-like structure is related to the "shoulder" structure in the multiplicity data, which further indicates an ongoing phase transition from soft to semihard scattering. We also extend our prediction to LHC's √ s = 14 TeV. Insert your abstract here.
doi:10.1140/epjc/s10052-008-0750-z fatcat:fdpevjemz5hwlegyccv6rnkzay