Dinesh Rojatkar, Nehakumari Sharma, Kiran Akare, Swati Chute
Evolution in electronics and embedded systems in past decades has made remarkable and vital advancement in electronic world. In this rapid world, people want to save time and live trouble free life; this can be achieved by home automation technique. Thus, makes life simple and fruitful to live. Communication plays major role in today's era. This paper gives the review about the existing technologies in present world. This project is elegant mixture of android application and embedded system.
more » ... embedded system. The project depicts how serial communication takes place between Bluetooth module and smart phone using android application in home automation. Personal Area Network (PAN) has been arised in home surroundings due to smart automation. Smart phones & Tablets has become powerful tool in smart living. Smart phones have become common in today's life and plays major role. Thus the use of android application in smart phones helps people to operate the home appliances more easily and happily without any trouble. However, to enhance the beauty of smart living, our project shows how the home switches or appliances can be operate, controlled and monitored by smart phone which have android based application in it and which communicates with it serially. The main purpose of this project is to establish a wireless communication between several devices.