Neuronal serotonin in the regulation of maternal behavior in rodents

2015 Neurotransmitter  
Maternal behavior is probably the most important pro-social behavior in female mammals , ensuring both the development and survival of her offspring. Signals driving maternal behaviors are complex and involve several brain areas, most of which are innervated by serotonin. Serotonin transmission influences maternal processes indirectly through release of maternally-relevant hormones such as prolactin, oxytocin and vasopressin, but it can also have more direct effects on survival and the growth
more » ... al and the growth rate of offspring, as well as on maternal care, aggression and pup killing. This article aims to examine the basics of the components of maternal behaviors in rodents and the neural systems underpinning these maternal responses with special emphasis on the role of neural serotonin in the regulation of these behaviors. To cite this article: Mariana Angoa-Pérez, et al. Neuronal serotonin in the regulation of maternal behavior in rodents. Neurotransmitter 2015; 2: e615.
doi:10.14800/nt.615 fatcat:3ktuabbbmfecnc3crfdn5gjkvu