Larvivorous fish diversity in Krishna River at Prakasam barrage, Vijayawada (Krishna district), Andhra Pradesh, India

Govinda Rao, Chandra Sekhara Rao, G Simhachalam
2017 Bioscience Discovery   unpublished
A study was conducted in River Krishna at Prakasam Barrage, Vijayawada with an objective to document the larvivorous fish fauna. Study revealed the occurrence of 19 species of larvivorous fish from 5 orders, 10 families and 13 genera. Order cypriniformes was the most dominant group among the orders followed by bagridae and channidae. Family cyprinidae belongs to the order cypriniformes was the most dominant group with 7 species among the other families. According to the IUCN (2016) red list of
more » ... (2016) red list of threatened species, 78.94 % of species are at least concern, 10.52% are at not assessed, 5.26% are near threatened and for 5.26 % of species data is deficient. As per the CAMP report (1998), 17 species are at least concern, 1 species is at near threatened and for 1 species data is deficient. Out of 19 larvivorous fish, 9 species are commonly available in the River, 9 are abundant and 1 species is rarely available. 16 varieties of fishes are food fishes of which 10 species are cultivable augmenting multiple benefits for the stake holders. Several anthropogenic activities including pollution, habitat loss, human interference and over exploitation are seriously affecting these fish fauna. Proper conservation measures should be adopted to mitigate the loss of these valuable fish species as these fish can be widely used component in integrated vector control management program.