Short Term Effects of the Shea Tree Caterpillars (Cirina butyrospermi Vuillet) Manure on the Chemical Properties of the Soil in the Soudanian Area of Burkina Faso

Kalifa Coulibaly, Alain Gomgnimbou, Jérôme Yameogo, Moussa Gnissien, Hassan Nacro
2017 International Journal of Plant & Soil Science  
Aims: There is an acute decrease in soil productivity in the soudano-sahelian areas of West Africa. This has called for research to develop mitigation measures in order to restore soil fertility. The aim of this study was to determine the effects of the manure of shea tree caterpillars on the chemical parameters of the soil. Methodology: To achieve that aim, 2 experiments were conducted, an in-pot trial with 8 treatments (T0 to T7) and a field trial with 3 treatments (T1 to T3) were set up.
more » ... lts: The treatments T5 (5T ha -1 of caterpillar manure + 150 kg ha -1 of NPK) and T4 (5 T ha -1 of caterpillar manure) showed significant and positive effects (P = 0.05) on pH, C and N. The treatment T1 of the in-pot trial (1.5 T ha -1 of caterpillar manure) (pH=5.78), had a significant effect only on the pH, compared with the absolute control T0 (no fertilizer, pH = 5.64) and the treatment T7 (farmers' practice, 150 kg ha -1 of NPK and 50 kg ha -1 of urea, pH=5.35). The caterpillars manure did not show any significant short-term effect on the total phosphorus and the total potassium neither in-pot nor in the field trial. Conclusion: For a best valorization of the caterpillar manure produced in situ in the shea tree fields, there must be an appropriate combination with mineral fertilizers and application near seedholes.
doi:10.9734/ijpss/2017/36371 fatcat:km35u6d2r5cejm6jggm4wo5ogm