Equations of State of Ca-Silicates and Phase Diagram of the CaSiO3 System under Upper Mantle Conditions

Tatiana S. Sokolova, Peter I. Dorogokupets
2021 Minerals  
The equations of state of different phases in the CaSiO3 system (wollastonite, pseudowollastonite, breyite (walstromite), larnite (Ca2SiO4), titanite-structured CaSi2O5 and CaSiO3-perovskite) are constructed using a thermodynamic model based on the Helmholtz free energy. We used known experimental measurements of heat capacity, enthalpy, and thermal expansion at zero pressure and high temperatures, and volume measurements at different pressures and temperatures for calculation of parameters of
more » ... quations of state of studied Ca-silicates. The used thermodynamic model has allowed us to calculate a full set of thermodynamic properties (entropy, heat capacity, bulk moduli, thermal expansion, Gibbs energy, etc.) of Ca-silicates in a wide range of pressures and temperatures. The phase diagram of the CaSiO3 system is constructed at pressures up to 20 GPa and temperatures up to 2000 K and clarifies the phase boundaries of Ca-silicates under upper mantle conditions. The calculated wollastonite–breyite equilibrium line corresponds to equation P(GPa) = −4.7 × T(K) + 3.14. The calculated density and adiabatic bulk modulus of CaSiO3-perovskite is compared with the PREM model. The calcium content in the perovskite composition will increase the density of mineral and it good agree with the density according to the PREM model at the lower mantle region.
doi:10.3390/min11030322 fatcat:tgxspxeycvhdhkpap4riu6czoq