Dendrimer molecules with record large two-photon absorption cross section

Mikhail Drobizhev, Aliaksandr Karotki, Aleksander Rebane, Charles W. Spangler
2001 Optics Letters  
We report what is to our knowledge a record high value for an intrinsic two-photon absorption (TPA) cross section, s 2 11 3 10 247 cm 4 s photon 21 molecule 21 , measured with femtosecond pulses in a new dendrimer molecule comprising 29 repeat units of 4,4 0 -bis(diphenylamino)stilbene chromophore. We measure the dependence of TPA on excitation wavelength in three consecutive generations of the dendrimer and show that the maximum s 2 value increases faster than the total number of stilbene
more » ... ophores. This result indicates that it is possible to obtain even larger s 2 values in higher generations of this dendrimer family.
doi:10.1364/ol.26.001081 pmid:18049526 fatcat:vst7vmrxkjgyhjkg3yw3rd6qh4