An application of bivariate polynomial factorization on decoding of Reed-Solomon based codes

Ivan Pavkov, Nebojsa Ralevic, Ljubo Nedovic
2018 Applicable Analysis and Discrete Mathematics  
A necessary and sufficient condition for the existence of a non-trivial factorization of an arbitrary bivariate polynomial with integer coefficients was presented in [2] . In this paper we develop an efficient algorithm for factoring bivariate polynomials with integer coefficients. Also, we shall give a proof of the optimality of the algorithm. For a given codeword, formed by mixing up two codewords, the algorithm recovers those codewords directly by factoring corresponding bivariate
more » ... Our algorithm determines uniquely the given polynomials which are used in forming the mixture of two codewords. * Corresponding author. Ljubo Nedović 2010 Mathematics Subject Classification. 12Y05,
doi:10.2298/aadm170530005p fatcat:4kt6mghbmvgwbj5ysrkyylsoti