Alabama Association of College Teachers of Mathematics 62 nd Annual AACTM Conference

Jim Gleason, John Mayer
2012 unpublished
Welcome! Welcome to the 62 nd annual conference of the Alabama Association of College Teachers of Mathematics. The aim of this conference each year is to bring together Alabama college mathematics teachers from all areas of the state and all types of institutions and provide a forum for discussion and presentation of research. The AACTM conference is also the location of the annual Lewis-Parker lecture that honors a prominent Alabama researcher. Dr. Jia Li of the University of Alabama at
more » ... f Alabama at Huntsville will deliver this year's Lewis-Parker lecture. For all those who have attended an AACTM conference before, we welcome you back. For those that are attending for the first time, we are particularly glad that you decided to attend. If you have any questions about or suggestions for AACTM, please feel free to let one of us know. Note that at the end of the day today, the annual AACTM business meeting will take place. This meeting is open to all attendees of the conference. Thank you again for being here today. We look forward to talking with you! Sincerely, The AACTM Officers President: