Performance of Submerged Anaerobic Membrane Bioreactor for Treatment of Alcohol Stillage Wastewater

Shintaro TAKAHASHI, Pei Pei ZHOU, Shinichiro WAKAHARA, Yu-You LI
2012 Journal of Japan Society on Water Environment  
Alcohol stillage wastewater consists of high-strength suspended solids and organic matters, is best treated effectively by anaerobic digestion. To develop more efficient systems for treating alcohol stillage wastewater, a mesophilic submerged anaerobic membrane bioreactor was operated for 4 months by changing the hydraulic retention time and COD Cr loading rate. The performances of the anaerobic treatment and membrane operation were investigated experimentally. The maximum organic loading rate
more » ... btained in this study was 12.4 kgCOD • m -3 • d -1 and the removal efficiency was 97.8%. Furthermore, the COD Cr concentration of water that permeated the membrane was under 1,000 mgCOD • L -1 when the organic loading rate was lower than 6.0 kgCOD • m -3 • d -1 . The addition of trace elements (i.e., Fe, Co and Ni) was necessary to maintain stable operation for this wastewater treatment at a high organic loading rate. The operation was successfully carried out for over 4 months by controlling the on/off time of the suction pump and by recirculating of biogas, without backfl ushing or chemical cleaning. No signifi cant decrease in fl ux and the recovered amount of membrane pressure during the off period of filtration was observed in the initial 50 days of continuous operation at sludge concentrations of 10-16 gSS • L -1 ; however, both parameters gradually decreased to approximately 30% of their initial values after 4 months of continuous operation.
doi:10.2965/jswe.35.41 fatcat:bmb5zvrd5rboxixgnlioccjcta