Application of validated mathematical model of composting process for study the effect of air flow rate on process performance

Nesib Mustafić, Ivan Petrić, Ervin Karić
2017 Journal of Engineering & Processing Management  
The objectives of this study were to develop and validate the mathematicalmodel (kinetic and reactor model) of composting process, as well to usedvalidated model in order investigate the effects of the air flow rate on organicmatter conversion, carbon dioxide concentration and mixture temperature. Themathematical model incorporated two microbial populations that metabolizedcomposting material which was split into two different fractions according to itsdegradability (easily-degradable and
more » ... -degradable). Comparisons ofsimulation and experimental results for five dynamic state variablesdemonstrated that the model has very good predictions of the compostingprocess. Simulations with validated model showed that among three dynamicstate variables (organic matter conversion, carbon dioxide concentration,mixture temperature), carbon dioxide concentration is the most sensitive whileorganic matter conversion is the least sensitive to the change of air flow rate.
doi:10.7251/jepm1709062m fatcat:e5vp2wyy6banvmyt5qdt5nct2i