Uma notata [article]

F. Harvey Pough
Sonora population in this subspecies. Norris (1958) restricted U. n. notata to populations west of the Colorado River. Thus, Smith and Taylor's (1950:355) restriction of the type-locality to "Yuma, Yuma County, Arizona" is unacceptable. MAP. Circles mark localities for U. n. notata, triangles for U. n. rufopunctata; solid triangle marks type-locality (that of notata is too indefinite to locate). The species is restricted to windblown sand dunes, so the distribution is discontinuous. Uma was
more » ... considered monotypic. References to "Uma notata" especially before 1941, when U. inornata and U. scoparia were resurrected (Heifetz, 1941) , can be correctly attributed to species only if detailed locality data, descriptions, or photographs are given.
doi:10.15781/t23r0pz5t fatcat:bg5ewodxmngdfmobnxeqtxop2i