Aeromonas Distribution and Survival in a Thermally Altered Lake

C. B. Fliermans, R. W. Gorden, T. C. Hazen, G. W. Esch
1977 Applied and Environmental Microbiology  
Par Pond is a thermally enriched monomictic southeastern lake which receives heated effluent from a production nuclear reactor. Fish populations in the lake have lesions of epizooty from which Aeromonas spp. are readily isolated. Distribution and population densities of Aeromonas in the water column were measured along an oxygen and temperature gradient as well as seasonally. Greater population densities of Aeromonas occurred below the oxygen chemocline when the lake was stratified. Survival
more » ... eromonas hydrophila under in situ conditions in both epilimnetic and hypolimnetic waters was determined through the use of polycarbonate membrane diffusion chambers during two separate reactor operating conditions. Survival levels of pure cultures of A. hydrophila corresponded to the distribution patterns of the naturally occurring Aeromonas-like populations. The greater survival of A. hydrophila during full reactor operation suggests that the fish populations may be exposed to Aeromonas for a longer period of time than when the reactor is not operating.
doi:10.1128/aem.33.1.114-122.1977 fatcat:rdx74awiingu5pw7acbgolhxli