M Pradeep, M Kalicharan
2016 International Journal of Computational Research and Development (IJCRD) Impact   unpublished
India estimates to reach 1.31 billion in terms of population by the end of 2016. The Educational system in the highly populated countries like India should be gender sensitive which impart knowledge along with dissemination of skills to empower the marginalized sections of the society. By facilitating contribution from the marginalized folk, the country can move further towards prosperity in near future. The dissemination of knowledge and building competency for the common good are the two
more » ... od are the two faces of empowerment. Life centric skill enrichment framework is an effective model named "Pradeep"s Model of Life Centric Skill Enrichment" developed by Prof. Pradeep M.D. highlighting various Life Skills needed for the people to face challenges in her life span. Every person should continuously grow and develop in their life to be self sufficient in the society. Empowerment of people through skill enrichment can reduce their miseries to a great extent. This model is framed as per the life expectancy of men estimated at the age of 64 years and for women at the age of 69.6 years as fixed by the Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare in India during 2015. This framework considers four phases for the skill development in human life span. Firstly, Early Adulthood(until 12 years) a Reception stage for the Basic Skills, Secondly, Adolescence (12-18 years) a Stage of Analysis for the Advanced skills, thirdly, Adult & Middle Age (18-60 years) a Practice stage for Projective Skills and lastly, Old age (Later 60 years to death) a Projection stage for Self sustaining skills. This model can be adopted as a value addition to the formal education system of the country to build competency which can empower people further.