Cost and Structural Optimisation of Modular Bicycle Frame #1

Bhagyashri Adake, Dr, A Desai
2015 International Engineering Research Journal   unpublished
ARTICLE INFO Aim of this study is to outline FE model and finding feasibility of different engineering materials for design of modular bicycle frame. Since conventional fuels are depleting & becoming costlier, in such a case bicycle is good alternative for transport for shorter distances. Bicycle components are cheap and easily available and research is continued since 1800 century and new technologies along with new shapes and cross sections have been evolved. Frame is a main component of
more » ... n component of bicycle. Accordingly present study we intend to use modular frame which leads to easy assembly and manufacturing of bicycle. Bicycle frame under design consideration intends to fulfill customer needs. The currently available bicycle frame which is having normal standards is not suitable and the frame size and frame height requirements differ from person to person. An attempt is made to overcome this difficulty by using modular frames those are assembled by using welding joints which will help to reduce problems of customer with standard size frames. This paper represents analysis of modular bicycle frame using finite element method. This analysis carried out by applying beam and shell elements with the help of software. This paper also deals with review on welding joints used for assembly of frame. Welding fatigue resistance is dependent on weld geometry & quality but it cannot be assured especially in difficult access joints. The choice of material is mainly structural steel or chrome for this frame. Ashbey's material selection method can be used, that is based on cost per unit properties or multiple properties values. If size of frame is reduced it will give favorable results. Strength to stress ratio of carbon fiber materials depends on fiber direction and stacking sequence. Stiffness is one of the important parameter for bicycle frame, to calculate it standard method was not available. Innovators developed standard multidirectional test method for calculation of stiffness. Analysis of this modular frame has been conducted to compare performance with normal standard size frame. Stiffness, stresses developed and other calculations can be evaluated by considering frame tubes as beam element.