An Analysis on Attrition Rate and Job Satisfaction of Employees in Insurance Sector

Srajan Kumar Singh, Arun Kumar Misra, Anil Kumar Awasthi
Man has found out himself many things to make himself and his near dear ones happy. Insurance is one such invention of man. It is not just the reluctant entry and the periodical reminders for paying the premium and the last receipt of the claim money which may look large or a mere pittance depending upon the policy was in force earning handsome bonus or increase in capital. Insurance industry is one of the better tools to protect personal benefits as well as economical benefits to country.
more » ... ts to country. Insurance benefits society as a whole, not just who hold insurance. It is one of the largest industries in the field of employment too. Insurance industry has given employment to millions of employees. It has been well said that great achievements come with great responsibility and so with great ups and downs. This sector has witnessed high attrition rate and lower degree of job satisfaction in its employees. The purpose of this paper is to identify the factors causing these problems and to suggest some possible solutions.
doi:10.29320/jnpgct.13.1.4 fatcat:h2zckn6cqvezhhr2jymfbksv4m