Interpretive Phenomenological Analysis of Emotional Experiences of East Turkestan International Students with Somatic Complaints
Somatik Yakınmaları Olan Doğu Türkistanlı Uluslararası Öğrencilerin Duygusal Deneyimlerinin Yorumlayıcı Fenomenolojik Analiz ile İncelenmesi

2022 Ayna Klinik Psikoloji Dergisi  
People in cultural or geographic transition are at a greater risk for somatization (Hull, 1979). The aim of this qualitative study is to understand the emotional experiences of 19-25 years old international students from East Turkestan with somatic comlaints, which constitutes a minority group in Turkey. To that aim, we used Interpretive Phenomenological Analysis as our research method. 14 semi-structured interviews with seven students were conducted and analyzed. Four superordinate themes have
more » ... emerged as a result of our analysis: (1) 'Pain as a reflection of negative emotions', (2) Withdrawal with a sense of difference and anxiety about making mistakes', (3) 'The burdens of the sense of responsibility', and (4) 'The pressure and self-blame when the goals are not achieved. We discussed the emerging themes in the context of scientific literature and evaluated somatic complaints in terms of their clinical effects
doi:10.31682/ayna.1105944 fatcat:ftirx2zc65hvzh77ezvn6bveva