Transmission characteristics of planetary gear wear in multistage gear transmission system

Liang Li, Xin Wang, Xiaofei Zhao
2019 Journal of Vibroengineering  
Gear tooth surface wear is a common failure mode. It takes a long time and can cause other major faults. The wear fault signal is weak and hard to identify. This paper reveals the transmission characteristics of the planetary gear wear and the relationship between multistage gear meshing through the transmission characteristic analysis. Taking the multistage gear transmission system fault simulation test rig as the research object, a three-dimensional solid rigid-flexible coupling model of the
more » ... pling model of the system was established. The contact force signals from each pair of gears in the state of planetary gear wear were obtained by dynamic simulation. The test signals of the fixed-axis gearbox and planetary gearbox were obtained under normal and planetary gear wear states. Comparing the transmission characteristics of the system under normal and planetary gear wear states, the vibration mechanism of the wear fault and the correlative characteristic between gearboxes were revealed.
doi:10.21595/jve.2019.20224 fatcat:gbimi2lzwrekxmto54nnwmr56e