Enabling trust formation within agent-mediated virtual environments

P. Papadopoulou, A. Andreou, P. Kanellis, D. Martakos
2000 Virtual Reality  
Tel: +30 1 7275225 Fax: +30 1 7275214 In e-commerce, the role of trust becomes vital for establishing and maintaining customer relationships. Drawing from established theoretical work on trust and relationship marketing, this paper synthesizes a series of trust constructs, determinant variables and trust building processes, and proposes a framework for the formation of trust in customer-business relationships. The framework is conceptualized in the context of an electronic servicescape, where
more » ... ust is formed through iterative interactions with promises being made, enabled and fulfilled. Based on this framework the paper illustrates how the application of agent and virtual reality technologies can provide the environment and facilitate the expressiveness demanded by such a servicescape.
doi:10.1007/bf01409420 fatcat:qq432w2cu5h4tercbqzzmcvf44