Estimation of Genetic Variability, Heritability and Genetic Advances for Short Duration and High Yielding Rice Genotypes

Mohamed Ahmed Mohamud, Aminul Hoque, Abdiaziz Hussein Hassan, Md. Mukhtar Hossain, Serajam Monira, Mohamed Ibrahim Muse
2022 International journal of advances in agricultural science and technology  
The goal of the study was to find genotypes of 18 different rice varieties that would yield a lot of rice in a short amount of time. With this in mind, the study genotypes' field performance as well as the relationships between various morpho-physiological and yield-contributing traits among the genotypes was assessed. The experiments were conducted from July to December 2018 at the Agronomy Field, Department of Agronomy and Agricultural Extension, Faculty of Agriculture, Rajshahi University.
more » ... genotype BRRI dhan 51, the maximum number of days to 50% flowering was discovered. The genotype BRRI dhan 56 had the lowest number of days required for 50% flowering. Genotypes showed a wide range of days to maturity (92.00–109.00), with an average of 98.96 days. The genotypes DRR 46, BINA 7, and DRR 44 are followed by the genotypes BRR1 dhan 66, BRR1 dhan 56, and BRR1 dhan 57, which have shorter maturity periods (i.e., 92.00 days), indicating earliness. The traits investigated in this study showed high heritabilities, with estimates ranging from 67.00 to 96.00 percent. Days to flowering and unfilled grain panicle-1 had the highest heritability among the traits (96.00%).The presence of high heritability values suggests that the expression of the traits under study is less influenced by the external environment. The unfilled grain panicle-1 had the highest genetic advance as a percentage of the mean (144.80%), while panicle length had the lowest genetic advance (10.48%) among the traits that affected yield.
doi:10.47856/ijaast.2022.v09i10.004 fatcat:fpdmwh7btbabrjgwsnwn3s3kke