Spectroscopic studies on Ni 2+ doped PVA assisted ZnSe nanoparticles

G Nirmala, K Ravindranadh, R Ravikumar, M Rao
ZnSe nanoparticles; Poly vinyl alcohol; Ni 2+ ; XRD; FT-IR; Physical properties. KEYWORDS ABSTRACT Semiconductor nanoparticles have been attracting widespread scientific and technological interest due to their unique size-tunable optical and electronic properties as well as their potential applications. Polymers are used as stabilizers during the preparation of semi conductor nanoparticles. Poly vinyl alcohol is a semi crystalline, water soluble and low electrical conductivity polymer. Zinc
more » ... nide of II-VI group semiconductor is one of the most typical and important crystalline material for both application and research of quantum dots. Ni 2+ doped ZnSe nanoparticles were prepared using Poly vinyl alcohol as assisting agent. Spectroscopic techniques such as XRD and FT-IR studies have been carried out. The particle size is calculated by powder X-ray diffraction and it is around 12.8 nm. FT-IR spectrum exhibited bands, which are attributed to O-H, C-H, C = C and C = O groups of stretching and bending vibrations. The physical parameters like density, refractive index, molar refractivity, ionic concentration, electronic polarizability, polaron radius, inter ionic distances and Urbach energy are measured for the prepared samples.