Effect of Offshore Tsunami Station Array Configuration on Accuracy of Near-Field Tsunami Forecast

Hiroaki TSUSHIMA, Kenji HIRATA, Yutaka HAYASHI, Kenji MAEDA, Tomoaki OZAKI
2012 Journal of Japan Society of Civil Engineers Ser B2 (Coastal Engineering)  
We examined how an array configuration of offshore tsunami stations affects accuracies of near-field tsunami forecasts provided by a tsunami forecast method based on an inversion of the offshore tsunami data. We simulated tsunami forecast of the 2011 Tohoku earthquake assuming several array configurations. As a result, an installation of bottom-pressure gauges to the outer sea of the trench contributes to improving the forecast accuracies, as well as deployment of the gauges at the seafloor
more » ... een a source and a coastal point where forecasts will be provided. We also examined how rapidly accuracies of tsunami forecasts improve when a dense offshore observation network is installed, and found that the accurate forecasts can be obtained from the data of the dense network 10-15 min earlier than from those of the existing-array configuration.
doi:10.2208/kaigan.68.i_211 fatcat:gnegczvotreztk7npxup6ovhue