Амінокислотний склад та біологічна цінність м'ясних напівфабрикатів з використанням рослинної сировини та білково-жирових емульсій

D. Shvedyuk, V. Pasichnyi, I. Radzievska, Y. Matsuk
2017 Scientific Messenger of LNU of Veterinary Medicine and Biotechnology  
In the article is considered the influence of protein-fat emulsions and plant raw materials introducing into the formulas of meat semi-finished products from poultry meat on the biological value indices and the amino acid composition of the finished product.There were studied semi-finished products, the formula of which included the following components as the main raw material: chicken and broiler fillets and thighs, sprouted pig fat, wheat hydrated cellulose, green plantain seed powder. The
more » ... oice of the constituent formulation components was made taking into account the possibility a full-fat fatty acid and amino acid composition modeling and also the introduction of functional ingredients, such as wheat fiber and green plantain seed powder. The basis of the selected formulation is broiler chickens meat, the amount of which is 42.5%, the protein-fat emulsion based on modified fats and wheat fiber with a 14: 6 hydration degree. The protein-fat emulsion contained pigskin proteins and dry whey.As the main research indicators, were determined the amino acid composition and biological value of the finished product. For this purpose, the chromatographic method was used to determinate the content of essential amino acids in the finished product and to calculate the biological value criteria. Soon, all essential amino acids were in the range of 73–114%, and the value of the amino acid imbalance coefficient was 18.96%.The calculated values of biological value are the coefficient of imbalance of the amino acid composition (CIAAC), the coefficient of biological value (BV), and the utility ratio. The values obtained allow us to conclude that the developed semi-finished products can be classified as full-fledged food products. Based on the obtained data, it is promising to improve the research formula for semi-finished products in order to enrich it with limiting amino acids based on proteins of animal origin.
doi:10.15421/nvlvet8023 fatcat:hlbfhejzmrcclehaithjxqkowm