Porphyrin-lipid stabilized paclitaxel nanoemulsion for combined photodynamic therapy and chemotherapy

Enling Chang, Jiachuan Bu, Lili Ding, Jenny W. H. Lou, Michael S. Valic, Miffy. H. Y. Cheng, Véronique Rosilio, Juan Chen, Gang Zheng
2021 Journal of Nanobiotechnology  
Background Porphyrin-lipids are versatile building blocks that enable cancer theranostics and have been applied to create several multimodal nanoparticle platforms, including liposome-like porphysome (aqueous-core), porphyrin nanodroplet (liquefied gas-core), and ultrasmall porphyrin lipoproteins. Here, we used porphyrin-lipid to stabilize the water/oil interface to create porphyrin-lipid nanoemulsions with paclitaxel loaded in the oil core (PLNE-PTX), facilitating combination photodynamic
more » ... n photodynamic therapy (PDT) and chemotherapy in one platform. Results PTX (3.1 wt%) and porphyrin (18.3 wt%) were loaded efficiently into PLNE-PTX, forming spherical core–shell nanoemulsions with a diameter of 120 nm. PLNE-PTX demonstrated stability in systemic delivery, resulting in high tumor accumulation (~ 5.4 ID %/g) in KB-tumor bearing mice. PLNE-PTX combination therapy inhibited tumor growth (78%) in an additive manner, compared with monotherapy PDT (44%) or chemotherapy (46%) 16 days post-treatment. Furthermore, a fourfold reduced PTX dose (1.8 mg PTX/kg) in PLNE-PTX combination therapy platform demonstrated superior therapeutic efficacy to Taxol at a dose of 7.2 mg PTX/kg, which can reduce side effects. Moreover, the intrinsic fluorescence of PLNE-PTX enabled real-time tracking of nanoparticles to the tumor, which can help inform treatment planning. Conclusion PLNE-PTX combining PDT and chemotherapy in a single platform enables superior anti-tumor effects and holds potential to reduce side effects associated with monotherapy chemotherapy. The inherent imaging modality of PLNE-PTX enables real-time tracking and permits spatial and temporal regulation to improve cancer treatment. Graphic Abstract
doi:10.1186/s12951-021-00898-1 pmid:34034749 fatcat:g43nsbxylzda3iuis753j27dwi