Image Noise Removal Techniques : A Comparative Analysis

Muna Khalid Jasim
2019 International Journal of Science and Applied Information Technology  
In recent years, the digital images use has increased dramatically in various domains in life such as scientific, medical, military and other, for several reasons including the data didn't loss quality during copying or transfer, the ability to modify or correct the images later easily, ability to display images on electronic and digital devices and other features. Digital images are exposed to the different types of noise during capture, storage or other factors that affect their quality, so
more » ... is necessary to remove these noises with preserving the image as much as possible. The removal of noise from images is a major task in the field of image processing, because it affects the quality of the image and leads to the loss of some of its important information through the impact of noise on it. To remove the noise in the images, different image filtering techniques are used. In this research, the main challenge was to conduct analytical study on the work of filters mean, medium, weiner2 used to remove the types of noise proposed in this research, such as salt and pepper noise, speckle noise, Poisson noise (shot noise), Gaussian noise. The study will explain the causes of these types of noise and their impact on the images, in addition to how to remove them from the images will also be a comparison between the types of filters and their ability to remove noise according to specific criteria.
doi:10.30534/ijsait/2019/01862019 fatcat:zhdzdcsylja67isjwbbeqiuxny