Characteristics of Wave Propagation by Water Level Conditions at Wando Sea Area: Numerical Modeling
완도 해역의 해수면 조건에 따른 파랑 변형 특성

Yong-Ho Jeon, Han-Sam Yoon, Dong-Hwan Kim, Won-Seok Kim, Heon-Tae Kim
2013 Journal of Fisheries and Marine Sciences Education  
The aim of this study was estimated the characteristics of the wave propagation by the water level conditions using a numerical modeling method at the Wando sea area. For three cases numerical simulation on the condition of incident and incoming of the deepwater design wave and the season normal wave, the spatial distribution of the incident wave at study area were investigated. And the calculated numerical modeling results were compared with measured field wave data. According to on-site wave
more » ... ata measured for 18 days, the range of the significant wave height and period were 0.10~1.14 m, 4.35~8.74 sec, respectively, and the maximum wave height were 0.15~1.66 m. From the results of numerical model for offshore design wave incident, the wave height attacked from Southern-East direction at this study area were over maximum 10.5 m because of rapidly change of water depth. Numerical modeling by three water level conditions of Approxmate Lowest Low Water Level(Approx. L.L.W), Mean Sea Level(M.S.L) and Approximate Highest High Water Level(Approx. H.H.W) were practiced. From the results for the case of Approx. H.W.L, variations of wave height at the back area of islands were about 1.6 m at maximum value for the case of deepwater design wave incoming. The significant wave heights of winter season were bigger than summer under normal wave condition, the incident wave height over 5.5 m decreased by shielding effect of islands. The change of maximum wave height at summer season were distinct than winter and was about 1.2 m and 0.8 m, respectively.
doi:10.13000/jfmse.2013.25.1.001 fatcat:fdbsjekml5c7rcpubk2eda2yru