The fate of spilled Navy distillate fuel [book]

Peter J. Hearst
1974 unpublished
Laboratory weathering studies of four Navy distillate fuels on salt water showed that in thick films (5 mm) the major portions of the oils (75 to 90%) did not evaporate in one week. These fuels are thus relatively persistent oils. The physical properties did not change markedly and the thick emulsion, or mousse, obtained with Navy special fuel oil was not obtained with the distillate fuels. Very thin films ( 0.1 mm) evaporated continued DD , j°r73 1473 EOITION OF 65 IS OBSOLETE Unclassified
more » ... TE Unclassified ASSIFICATION OF TH Unclassified 20. Continued much more rapidly, leaving residues of about 5%, whereas Navy special fuel oil left residues of 65%. The weathering characteristics are related to the distillation range as shown by gas chromatographic comparisons. Unclassified CONTENTS
doi:10.5962/bhl.title.46961 fatcat:3kl2r4ywazhdfajkjyapdr3toi