Development and characterization of a biopolymer direct-write process for 3D microvascular structures formation [thesis]

Xiaoming Fan
DEDICATION This dissertation is dedicated to my mom (Fei Peng) in the heaven. iv ACKNOWLEDGMENTS I would like to first thank Dr. Robert Keynton for being my research advisors, as well as life mentors for five years. Since my first day in his group, he believed in me and gave me endless support. On the academic level, I learned how to define a problem, analyze and find a solution under his guidance. On the personal level, Dr. Keynton taught me how to be a humble, sincere and honest person. These
more » ... are all lifetime inspirations that will stay with me forever.
doi:10.18297/etd/3335 fatcat:h7lc4zaa6fd2pbu2h5rrzfponu