Function Expansion and Policy Evolution of Rural Area in France During the Rapid Urbanization Period

Shuangshuang Tang, Jianxi Feng
2017 Urban Planning International  
摘要:在快速城市化时期,乡村是需要重点关注的地区。本 文对法国快速城市化时期,乡村地区的政策变化与功能拓展 展开研究。在这一时期,法国政府制定了一系列乡村政策, 并随着经济社会背景的变化不断调整,具有较为明显的阶段 性特征。伴随着乡村政策的制定和实施,法国的乡村地区逐 渐从农产品生产地变为多种产业发展地,从单纯的农民居住 地变为城乡居民共同居住地, 并成为生态保护和涵养地。最后, 本文结合对法国快速城市化时期乡村政策和乡村地区发展的 研究,提出可供中国借鉴的一些启示。 Abstract: During the rapid urbanization process, rural area is an important area which should be drew attention. The paper focuses on the policy evolution and function expansion of rural area in France during the rapid urbanization period. In this period, the
more » ... ernment of France carried out a series of rural policies, which are found to have features of different development phases in pace with the changing contexts. And the rural area in France gradually turned from agricultural production area, farmers' living area to multi-production area, urban and rural residents' living place as well as environmental protection area. Finally, the paper puts forward some implications for China based on the conclusion of rural policy and rural development in France. 关键词: 乡村政策 ;快速城市化 ;法国 ;演变
doi:10.22217/upi.2015.085 fatcat:npj6ilkwy5eatmwiigzj4aph2a