Effect of Plant Extract on Cytomorphological Alteration in Alternaria solani

Surbhi Mehta, Kanika Sharma
2021 Acta Scientific Pharmaceutical Sciences  
Effect of Plant Extract on Cytomorphological Alteration in Alternaria solani The present study is based on the evaluation of antifungal potential of plant extract against plant pathogenic fungi. Eucalyptus globulous Labill. Leaf extract was prepared by reflux method. Petroleum ether extract was assayed for estimation of Minimum Inhibitory Concentration and Minimum Fungicidal Concentration.MIC and MFC was done by two fold serial dilution method against Alternaria solani. Various
more » ... us cytomorphological changes like mycelia width, conidial size, condiophore structure etc. after the treatment with the extract concentrations. 0.019mg/ml to 10mg/ml of Petroleum ether extract was assayed and MIC was found to be 2.5 mg/ml for Alternaria solani and MFC for this fungus was observed at 5 mg/ml. Mycelium width of Alternaria solani increased up to 69.52% at 1.25 mg/ml concentration of the extract and conidia size of the Alternaria solani was reduced up to 72.17% at 1.25mg/ml (sub MIC) concentration of the petroleum ether extract. The inhibition of conidia and mycelia formation was observed at MIC of the extract i.e. 2.5mg/ml. Scanning electron microscopic study was also showed the changes in Alternaria solani structure so it can be concluded that Plant extracts naturally and significantly inhibit the conidial size and mycelia growth hence could be a safer alternative to chemical fungicides to control plant diseases.
doi:10.31080/asps.2020.05.0667 fatcat:drwfup3z4zaqha7rl7qsvbnupa