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1919 Journal of the Society of Chemical Industry  
it Is disnppolutlng. Esample belng better thnn precept, it is useless for the author to say on ona page (in the first part) tliiit, in eslwessing viscosity it is ncctmnry to give the nnme of the Instrument with aliich it it; delermined, nud Inter to cite figure3 for tile viscosity of oils nnd grenses for vnrious Inbrlcnting purposes without indlcutlng--so far 3s tlie reviewer ciin discover-the instrument to which they refer. I'msiininblg they nre, Jlke certnin viaeosit.ics given in the
more » ... for the ' * Saybolt unlrersril *' vlscosiineter, but the render sboiild not be left nt t.lie mercy of guesswork in n mntter of tliis liiiid. This nnd other similnr friilings suggest tlint tile test is unlikely to be of much direct eervice to t.he Rnnlgst or user of oils, though indirectly he niny find the book quite useful for ite foot-note references to orlginnl pnpers, reports, etc. T h e test will serve well the purpose of the general student who merely requires n compact review of the eiinrncteristics R I I~ niethods of testing the commoner oils-mincrnl, regetnble nnd nnlninl.
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