Real-Time and Robust 3D Object Detection Within Road-Side LiDARs Using Domain Adaptation [article]

Walter Zimmer, Marcus Grabler, Alois Knoll
2022 arXiv   pre-print
This work aims to address the challenges in domain adaptation of 3D object detection using infrastructure LiDARs. We design a model DASE-ProPillars that can detect vehicles in infrastructure-based LiDARs in real-time. Our model uses PointPillars as the baseline model with additional modules to improve the 3D detection performance. To prove the effectiveness of our proposed modules in DASE-ProPillars, we train and evaluate the model on two datasets, the open source A9-Dataset and a
more » ... infrastructure dataset created within the Regensburg Next project. We do several sets of experiments for each module in the DASE-ProPillars detector that show that our model outperforms the SE-ProPillars baseline on the real A9 test set and a semi-synthetic A9 test set, while maintaining an inference speed of 45 Hz (22 ms). We apply domain adaptation from the semi-synthetic A9-Dataset to the semi-synthetic dataset from the Regensburg Next project by applying transfer learning and achieve a 3D mAP@0.25 of 93.49% on the Car class of the target test set using 40 recall positions.
arXiv:2204.00132v1 fatcat:w7fxwi4vzng7dcjm6t4d63tn2m