Difference in Magnetic Interactions between the N and N* Phases of All-Organic Nitroxide Radical Liquid Crystals

Katsuaki Suzuki, Yoshiaki Uchida, Rui Tamura, Jun Yamauchi
2009 Preprints of symposium on liquid crystals  
Liquid crystals (LCs) are typical soft materials that possess both mobility and ordered self-assembled structures. Incorporation of paramagnetism into chiral rod-like LCs is expected to result in the emergence of unique magnetic interactions, magneto-optical or magneto-electric properties, and so on in the LC state. In order to shed light on the relationship between LC phase superstructures and intermolecular
doi:10.11538/ekitou.2009.0.91.0 fatcat:wzbz6xi5kvgdzktmgfb62h7z5q