Characterization of the first Czech sorghum variety Ruzrok tested in Czech Republic

J. Hermuth, K. Kosová
2017 Czech Journal of Genetics and Plant Breeding  
Ruzrok, the first sorghum cultivar of Czech provenance, was selected as a multiline cultivar from sorghum collected in the Bílé Karpaty region in Moravia, Czech Republic. In the present paper, basic plant morphological and yield-related characteristics as well as characteristics related to plant resistance to major abiotic and biotic stress factors are described. The major advantages of Ruzrok consists in its earliness, plant height and high growth rate of plants leading to high biomass
more » ... igh biomass production. Ruzrok was registered for its high biomass yield; however, its grains can also be used for flour production and food purposes after the technological removal of tannin-rich outer layers of grains. Recommendations for basic cultural practices such as sowing date, fertilization and protection against pests and diseases are given. In conclusion, potential utilization of the novel sorghum variety as both biomass and fodder crop is discussed.
doi:10.17221/134/2016-cjgpb fatcat:tkmj6xl74zc5di3ohhmio5jixe